Physical Inventory, Cycle Counting,
SKU Scanning, and More

RMI provides a variety of types of inventory services for retail stores, warehouses, and offices. We have the expertise to customize our services to your needs, your POS systems and technology, your accounting and management needs, and your hours. In big jobs or small, our goal is to provide an accurate inventory accounting at a fair price, and to become your trusted inventory advisor.

Count on Saving Money & Time

A third party inventory from RMI is a good investment. You save time, money, and resources. You receive accurate, unbiased data compiled by retail inventory specialists using the latest technology. Our experts can even consult with you on ways to reduce shrinkage.

Financial Inventories, Asset Inventories, Price Inventories

Whether you need …

  • A physical inventory of stores or warehouses
  • Cycle counts
  • A fixed asset inventory as part of a buy-sell agreement
  • or cost/retail inventories

RMI provides data you can trust.

We perform…

  • 10-key data collection
  • SKU/UPC/Scan audits
  • Hand-written inventories
  • Asset tagging

We specialize in convenience stores, liquor and grocery stores. In addition, we do pharmacy inventories, parts inventories, restaurant food cost inventories, and office inventories.

We’re Your
Inventory Partner

Your inventory audit reports can be emailed, faxed, or delivered at the store upon completion of the audit. If you have book balances, we can explain the shortages on the spot. By using RMI regularly, we can provide comparison data to help you get a handle on your variances and shrinkage, and identify problem areas through store mapping techniques.

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What RMI Clients Say

“I like the fact that my audit results can be emailed directly to me on my computer. I don't need to have paper copies. I can keep years of data for my chain of stores on my computer to reference whenever I need to. This helps me track and discover trends at my stores. I can finally hold my managers and staff accountable for their audits knowing the data is consistent. Thanks RMI!” ~ Loss Prevention Manager